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Playing Stock Market With Technical Analysis
Playing Stock Market With Technical Analysis

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ISBN : 978-93-84314-34-7

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"An investment in knowledge; always pays the best interest” This book is the answer to every trader and investor's question that what is the direction of the market or where will the market go? Investing in stock market will be so easy if you know the answer of this one single question. Greed, fear and hopes are the three enemies which takes your money to your opponent pockets. While trading or investing emotions should be kept aside and you can do this by mastering the art of Technical analysis. The different market theories, trends, chart patterns and technical indicators all are explained in a so simple way that you will actually have fun while reading it. You will feel like playing a game and that is what a stock market is all about. A successful trader is one who deceives many other traders by his technical skills.

Publisher : Rigi Publication

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ISBN : 978-93-84314-34-7

Number of Pages : 114

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Language : English

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Bhushan Jadhav - Educational Qualification and experience: B.COM, DBF, MBA (Finance), NCFM, NISM, NCMP (NSE Certified Market Professional) More than 5 years of experience in financial markets. Three years of experience with India’s leading Brokerage house “Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.”

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