Basic Electronics by Anand Kumar Chakravarty
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Electronics (Digital and Analog) bring in the state of the art information about electronic circuit. Enriched with new, up to date problems of various competitive exams Sailent Features: Simplifying B.... Read More

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Introduction of Quantum Mechanics by Anand Kumar Chakravarty
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It is hardly necessary to point out how much quantum theory derivate from everything that one has imagined until now. It is without doubt the greatest and deepest revolution to which natural philosoph.... Read More

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Flexible AC Transmission System by SHOWKAT AHMAD DAR
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The text book has been written as per the latest syllabus of Anna University. The main aim of the book is to provide detailed concepts of concept of flexible AC transmission and the associated problem.... Read More

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The name “A walk through Income tax” itself brings readers in understanding many troubles that income tax brings them. The classic publication of this book primarily aims to help everyone who is i.... Read More

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Plant Biotechnology by Naveen Gaurav
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In vitro propagation and cultivation of plant parts like seed, roots, shoots, leaves and different part of plants in suitable nutrient culture media in aseptic condition referred to as plant tissue cu.... Read More

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When They Mutate by Dr. Apurva Mishra , Prof. R.K. Pandey
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Genetic disorders are still perceived as an uncommon event in our general population. However the literature reveals that every year an estimated 7.9 million children (6 percent of total births worldw.... Read More

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EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION by Chandraja Bhattacharyya
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The internal philosophy of this book is to create awareness

in the organization and make it crystal clear to reveal the fact that the employees are the source

.... Read More

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